To obtain the turbulent fluxes the eddy-correlation technique is used. The measuring system is based on a 3D ultrasonic anemometer (Gill R3-50) in combination with a fast open-path infrared gas analyser (Li-Cor LI-7500) placed on the top of a 4 m mast. A full description of the system is given by Moncrieff et al. (1997) and Aubinet et al. (2000).

With a separate datalogger (Campbell CR10X) the following parameters are measured: incoming and reflected short wave radiation, incoming and reflected long wave radiation, incoming direct PAR, incoming diffuse PAR, reflected PAR, relative humidity, air temperature, air pressure, soil moisture, soil temperature and rainfall.

Every day the data stored on the datalogger are collected and graphs are created automatically. These graphs can be found on this web-site.

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