Since the site was established in 1995 there have been a number of occasions where we have cooperated with other groups / projects. Information was gathered that complements the data that we collect ourselves. Below a list of (most) of these cooperations :

Nighttime Balloon profiling (CO2, H2O, t, u) NBL measurement campaign, 1997

Stable Isotopes CARBOEUROFLUX Work Package 5, 2001-2003

Soil sampling CARBOEUROPE, Max Planck Jena

Needle C/N analysis CARBOEUROPE, Max Planck, mid 2003 - mid 2004

Litter fall collection FORCAST, Cotrufo, Napels, 2000-now Soil C/N ratio

Flask sampling (CO2 measurements) TACOS Work Package 4, 2004-2005

Automatic calibration of CO2 profile measurements TACOS Work Package 4, operational since mid 2004